Heavy Burden on Children

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With competitions becoming increasingly fierce in our society, more and more parents enroll their children to all kinds of training classes to learn various kinds of subjects, skills and knowledge. Therefore, except for the schools, children have to spend more time on study, and their burden is so heavy that may bring negative influence on them.

Firstly, sending them to training classes deprives children of there free time and ignores their interests. As we all know, children are active and they would like to go out to have fun. But the heavy burden keeps them indoor that may not good to their health. Gradually, they may think they are forced to study so that they think study is boring and even begin to be hostile to it, which is a bad consequence of compulsive study.

Secondly, excessive study in the training classes would take up much time, especially on weekend. Previously, the weekends are the time that children have a rest and spend with their friends to have fun, but now all they can do is study. School children need more time to relax because the childhood plays an important role in children's growth. Therefore, parents should arrange children's time properly and scientifically in order to keep their children healthy.

From the discussion above, we can see that attending training classes is not really good for children. Parents should focus on how to help children grow healthily rather than bring them to various training classes.

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